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Global Consciousness Consulting

With Global Consciousness Consulting (GCC) we have commenced a visionary undertaking that is committed to the sustainable, fulfilling and balanced global development of mankind’s future. We work with people, organisations, systems and regions from a global perspective. Our focus is the transformation of mainstream culture in many relevant areas of society. From the perspective of a new consciousness, WE can find intelligent answers and creative solutions to mankind’s pressing problems.
In this way, Global Consciousness Consulting is addressing our collective future. The world that we as human beings are creating today, with all its achievements and challenges, is an expression of our attitudes and our approach.
Sustainability requires a more complex form of intelligence. Our global service company provides the means for a new level of quality in processes of transformation from a consciousness-based perspective.
Our core belief is that truly sustainable innovations necessitate simultaneous transformation for individuals, localities, systems and global contexts as well.
About-enWe firmly believe in the following: sustainable development can only succeed by taking these 5 main points into overall account. We call these all-encompassing perspectives the ‘five fields of consciousness’.
With Global Consciousness Consulting we are building a network of people who are firmly rooted in today’s society and who occupy places in the personal, social, scientific and economic sectors. We have outstanding skills and ability in various areas of transformation at our disposal, such as the development of strategy and business models (the Big Picture), cultural development, coaching, mediation, therapy and research into consciousness.
Our overall understanding of the strengths and dynamics in transformative processes enables us to provide clear-cut high quality along with sustainable development. In the process, we make use of the inner dimension of individual and cultural consciousness, as well as the external dimension of subject expertise, processes and structures. With this integral approach, we are working on a comprehensive updated version of the world in which we as human beings will be living tomorrow.

“Transformation is the moment in which the acting forces synchronise at a higher level.”